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I finally finished the RC mixtape (because that's what I want to call it and dammit it's mine).

Wanna check it out?

I've tried to keep the annoying rambling to a minimum, but the wording's still not the best...
side A (Jeb):

1. "Imitosis" - Andrew Bird - download

And why do some show no mercy
While others are painfully shy?
Tell me, doctor, can you quantify?
He just wants to know the reason why

Nice melancholy track to start things out -- also expresses the faux-cheerfully numb state Jeb starts the story in. What's love worth, if it's only an excuse for mitosis, violence, and suffering?

2. "Sky Starts Falling" - Doves - download

If you see her again, be sure to say hello
Be sure to send my love
Did she seem like before?
Could she seem above it all?

A more upbeat track, but one that gets into more of Jeb's regrets and lost opportunities -- he never got a proper goodbye with Connie, and never got to tell Max why he was leaving. And he still loves them both.

3. "Just A Glance" - The Peppermint Confederacy - download

Rewrite the words of every song
That has ever been sung about love.
There's so much just beyond the door
That we have yet to open up

Jeb's barriers and resistance to love continue to break down. Give this one a few listens -- under the mumbling, slow, sad tone, the lyrics are very sweet and almost upbeat.

4. "Falling Hard" - Crystal Method - download

I am running; I will meet you halfway.
When I get there, will you be waiting for me?
I am scared that you don't feel the same.
And after all just how much can I take?

Falling in love sucks -- what if no one's there to catch you?

That pretty much says it all here.

5. "Don't Take Your Love Away" - VAST - download

I am looking for an inspiration
And I think I found it in your heart
It's the kind of thing you get when you're not looking
It's the kind of thing you had from the start

I didn't know which character to place this song with (some drafts put it with Jeb, others with Roland), so I wound up sticking it in the middle. I love the sound of this song, and it gets across quite a bit of the feeling in RC.
side B (Roland):

6. "Mr. Brightside" - The Killers - download

But she's touching his chest now
He takes off her dress now
Let me go
I just can't look; it's killing me

I'm one of those horrible creepy nerds, and so ever since I heard this song it's been an RC song to me. The trouble was deciding whose song it was... eventually I realized it was Roland's.

So this one is basically his regrets after their one-night stand -- guilt over having seduced someone who he knew perfectly well was in a relationship.

7. "F. N. T." - Semisonic - download

I want you to love me --
I'm surprised that you've never been told before --
That you're lovely and you're perfect
And that somebody wants you

"Jeb? Why do you think everyone hates you?"

It doesn't make any sense why he'd think that. It really, really doesn't.

So this one is Roland basically being all "wow, Jeb, you're still as awesome as you were fifteen years ago :D"

Also I find this song massively adorable... and I love Semisonic.

8. "Death" - White Lies - download

So frightened of dying -- "Relax" -- yes, I'm trying
But fear's got a hold on me
Yes, this fear's got a hold on me

I discovered this song on somewhere around, oh, chapter 54, and it fit so perfectly that the finished chapter wound up being heavily influenced by the song. And because I'm an awful nerd... this is what I imagine Roland's singing voice to be similar to. When I think about that.

As is pretty obvious, this one is fear of death.

9. "Engines" - Snow Patrol - download

You say you love me like the silence of the turning Earth
You say you love me like the endless roar of modern life
You say you love me like the laughter and the kissed back tears
You say you love me like the past, the now, the coming years

This song was fairly tough to place, but in the end I sided with giving it to Roland -- for all the times and all the ways he and Jeb say "I love you".

And that puts a wrap on the tape.
liner notes:

- Yes, these songs follow the plot arcs for both characters in chronological order. Roland's half, however, spans more time. No, I don't know why.

- This was loads of fun, but I couldn't have done it alone. Much thanks to everyone who put up with my bitching while I was assembling it / testing it / whatever.

- The Peppermint Confederacy are an amazing Southern... indie country I-don't-know-what band. Their first album is available, in its entirety, free from their myspace page. So go listen to them, like, now.

- If I could draw, I'd do art for this... but as it is I am lazy. So either imagine really pretty, sweet album art, or grunge-assed Sharpie-on-notebook-paper art. Your choice.

- Reilly and Kyle are not included here (I would say for space reasons, but the truth is I don't think about them as much when I'm going all "omg this song is so ..."), but I would like to do something similar to this for them. So I'll be considering that.

edit: lol I fucked up, "Just A Glance" comes before "Falling Hard". Works either way, though.
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